Children's Bracelets
Newborn-3 mos. 4.0"
3-9mos. 4.5"
9-18 mos. 5.0"
18 mos - 3yrs 5.5"
3 - 7 yrs 6.0"
7-10 yrs 6.25"
10-14 yrs 6.5"

Women's Bracelets
Small 7.0"
Medium 7.5"
Large 8.0"
XLarge 8.5"

Bracelet Measurement Instructions Please measure her wrist and add .5" to that number for a children's bracelet and add approximately 1" for women's bracelets. If you are giving a bracelet as a gift and you cannot get a measurement, we recommend choosing the size according to the child's age as shown on the size chart.  Extension chains are available upon request at the time of ordering for no additional charge.  Average size for women is the 7.5" length.

Children's Necklaces
BABY♥0-2 yrs 11"
TINY♥2-3 yrs 12"
SMALL♥3-6 yrs 13"
BIG♥6-10 yrs 14"
BIGGER♥10-14 yrs 15"
TEEN♥14+ yrs 16"

Women's Necklaces

We are happy to accomodate custom chain length requests.
Please contact us if you have any questions about sizing.

Grow With Me

You may return your child's bracelet to have beads added on as she grows.
This feature is one of the many reasons our bracelets are the perfect keepsake and will be treasured for a lifetime.
Please click HERE for more information.